Oct 13 LaserBeam Update from Ikenna

From Ikenna:

Hey everyone, I just posted a new LaserBeam update that will also be sent out via the email list shortly: https://sienci.com/…/prepping-5a-laserbeam-driver-for…/

To Summarize:

  • We have a working 5A LaserBeam Driver with all functions and safety features

  • I have been busy internally testing it before announcing

  • Next we must have it independently tested to prove compliance with Canadian, US & International laser regulations

  • We will be submitting the LaserBeam product to an experience company in order to confirm compliance by the last week of October

  • Once we pass, we will be ordering the 5A driver assembly in bulk

  • We will then file our report with the FDA

  • Once 5A Drivers arrive we will test each system as they get packed end of November and begin shipping early December