October 13 - October 20, 2023 "A Project That is Halloween-Themed Part 1" Contest

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Thanks to the individuals who participated in this week’s contest, where we asked you all to post your nature-themed projects made on the LongMill.

We are happy to announce that Shane Jiang, @Jaker2, Glenn Thomas, Jared Husband, Johnny Sykes, and Ritchie Bedard are the winners of the "A Project That is Nature-Themed” contest! A prize is on its way!

Happy spooky season everyone! Celebrate the rest of the month with us by sharing your Halloween-themed projects made on your LongMill. We will select our favourite spooky projects and send some scary (not really) prizes to the makers!

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Happy building!

Done with a 3/16DC and 90deg V-bit, backlit LEDs for an added effect.


Hello fellow Siencier,

Here’s a video of my Longmill MK2 cutting some MDF pumpkins out of 1/4" MDF with a 1/16" down cut end mill.

Pass depth: 0.161 inches
Spindle speed: About 19500, between 3-4 on the makita router.
Feed rate: 1080 mm/min

Watch till the end to hear the bit break.

Thank you to TheLouisianaHobbyGuy for the free design files.
(free forum account required to download)


Hi again,

In this video I’m cutting pumpkins out of cardstock with my Laserbeam on the Longmill MK2 These will be used for the background of the MDF pumpkins from my previous video.

Lens: G2
Pass: 1
Power: 100%
Speed: 5 mm/sec

Hi @louisbo! This looks great! Are you able to post photos of the project?

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I still need to spray a clear coat on them to finish them but this is how they look painted and with a background.

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