October 27 - November 3, 2023 "Wooden Projects" Contest

Happy spooky season! Big thanks to all who entered their LongMill projects in our Halloween contest part 2!

We are happy to announce that @louisbo, Jack In The Shop, Jack Burak, @FullKev, Lawrence LaMay, and Roger Bischoff are the winners of the Halloween contest (part 2). Watch out for a prize!

This week’s theme: “Wooden Projects.” Show us your LongMill creations with a wood base for a chance to win cool prizes!

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Happy crafting!

I made this box with my LongMill 30x30 MK1. I used several methods to make the box. The top was milled using the router conventionally. The dovetails were made using my vertical mounting system and the design on the lid was done with my laser mounted to the LongMill.

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Just got my longmill a couple weeks ago
Got a lot to learn
Here is the first project off the longmill


Next thing was the swimming croc

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The waves in the swimming crocodile really bring that piece to life. Nice work!

Thank you.

As i said i have a lot to learn

Hopefully these can be added to the weekly contest

Hi again and thank you for your pick last week.

Here’s a skull I made last October when I first learned to make sure the bit is long enough.

The material is the left over of salvaged poplar logs I turned into bowls a few years ago.

3D roughing with 1/4" end mill
3D finishing with 1/8″ D0.5mm Tapered Ball End Mill and then again with a 1/16″ diameter Tapered Ball End Mill.

A few coats of tung oil later and the skull found its home with my favorite sister.

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2 weeks into longmill and this sign says it all

Made from wood :slight_smile:


Favorite project so far, Edo period textile print