Off Topic Area?

Was wondering if we could get an off topic area Some where we could talk about pets or sports like the superbowl game that is on tonight things like that. Just wondering. Thought I would throw it out there.

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@GregsReinventions I kicked this around with Sienci reps.

Pls feel free to post off topic threads in the Community Discussion/Community category.

Of course, I’m not sure that would apply if you are a 49’s fan, but … :grinning: :grinning:

There is only conversations in that area about longmill stuff I think that off topic stuff would get lost and tick off other people.

@GregsReinventions I just looked and while the majority are related to CNC, there is a discussion about real estate and some other “off topic” threads.

I thought that is what the “Lounge” area was designed for. I have been meaning to post something there, but have t gotten to it. Maybe I’ll try and post something and see if anyone responds. I believe it was exclusive to those of us who post a lot, but I don’t honestly remember.

@Jake I think that the Lounge membership is too restrictive to accomplish what Greg would like, Jake.

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I didnt see a lounge area maybe I need to clean my glasses

Yes I don’t see a lounge area if there is one its buried deeper and It doesn’t show in the main heading. I would like an off topic as a main header so people don’t have to look for it and can feel comfortable posting things they like in there. A lot of other forums have an area like that. Its just a thought.

Can you guys post a link to it here please?

I think the Lounge is automatically set up for a subset of users - though things can always be changed

But as Grant mentioned posting in the General Community Discussion area is fine by me since it’s not necessarily meant to be restricted to CNC topics. Greg basically if you want to chat with the forum community as a whole the lounge wouldn’t accomplish that, only the General Discussion channel would be the best place to do that

Ok cause I cant see that area what is a subset user? I will post stuff in the general area then. Thanks

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Discourse, the platform this forum uses, grants “badges” for forum participation. Once you get the “Regular” badge, you have access to the “Lounge”. It’s a magical place full of intrigue, free drinks, and oddly emotional posts.

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Ya ok Hence my question about an Off Topic area that can be accessed by everyone with no preset requirement guys. I didn’t know it was that hard to do.