Official 0.7.3 Release Thread: Security Certificate, Faster loading, more fixes

This might be weird to see but yes, there’s a new release on a Monday instead of a Friday :call_me_hand:

As 1.0 gets closer and closer, me and the dev team have been so happy that the list of bugs has gotten smaller and smaller and we’re mostly now spending our time on small fixes and tweaks. Hurrah!

Some things that are very exciting with this new version is that we managed to speed up the start-up time of gSender (let us know if you see that on your end) and we’ve got security certification now set up which means that after gSender receive a few hundred more downloads, we should now be a trusted source of software and not ring any alarms :wink:

What’s else is new / fixed?

  • New recognized CNCs added and unrecognized devices are now accessible from the connection widget
  • UI fixes for incorrect baud rate
  • New EEPROM categories for easier navigation
  • Clearer Help menu
  • More fixes and improvements to endstop-related functions
  • New LongMill default firmware that better supports endstops
  • Jogging now back to stopping immediately

We hope these updates make a positive difference to how you use gSender. It should also make it better to use for other CNCs outside of the LongMill.

Within the next few weeks we want to really flesh out any other impactful bugs or features that remain in gSender:

What are you having issues with? What do you want to see?

Let’s discuss :smiley:

It’s from feedback from all of you that we can continue to make gSender (and by extension the LongMill) better and easier to use for everyone. If you’ve given us feedback before and you feel we haven’t yet addressed it, then post it again (maybe we misplaced your comment). We want to get to the point that everyone using it is happy with what it offers to them :+1:

Also, even more updates have hit the gSender documentation with more still on the way. Give it a read and watch out for more:

Happy Monday y’all!

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By the way, we made some tweaks on this new version that should make it no longer possible to have conflicting issues when downloading new versions of gSender. Start by uninstalling your current version of gSender and installing this new one in it’s place, then hopefully on the next one you should notice no more conflictions or strange download behaviour. Let me know :+1:


The gSender main page links still link to the .72 release. Github links are fine.

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Yes, I had to promptly attend to something else yesterday evening, but thanks for the reminder Steve :+1: got it fixed now

There is a noticeable difference in the speed when I open it. The jogging is much better now for me too.

There is one issue though, Every now and then my hands tremble uncontrollably for a second. It is why I went from my woodworking and carving to a CNC for most of my projects. It happens a lot with my fingers where a double click can turn into a quadruple or more clicks. When that happens sometimes it will continuously jog until I hit either the stop button on the screen or the big red button. I tried to purposely do it but it doesn’t happen all the time.

I don’t know if it is an issue or just a me issue I need to be ready for.

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Not normally “THAT GUY” who points out the obvious. Amazing work on gSender for sure…Thanks to you and your development team.

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Sorry I have been away handling some family concerns so i missed the 7.2 comments before the thread was closed. Just had to Download and install 7.3from Github. Not a big deal for me but, the auto update hasn’t worked for me in the last three releases. Now it stopped appearing all together.
Continuous jogging with my mouse still does not function.Click Click Click… If I take the Limit switches off and restore the firmware to original settings the continuous jogging works.
When I start the gSender it is LIGHT YEARS faster! lol I have an old laptop and blamed that before. Once I open gSender and connect the Longmill I Click “home”. From there I can function.

Currently in gsender you can get a little info on the last run. I think it is just the time (length of the last run whether it is a gcode test or cut.

Is it possible to maybe expand that feature a bit? Maybe the last few runs with more info like what it was zeroed with on the probe (that would solve my problem now :wink: :laughing:)

@Swinly Maybe a gSender tech can reply to your direct question, Lonnie. i replied to your other post.

One thing to keep in mind when setting X0Y0 using the plate is that you don’t actually need to cut with the bit that you use to set zeroes. The bit that you use does need to be the bit that gSender thinks you are using, though. When I am setting X0Y0 using the plate, I use a straight piece of drill rod that is 6mm in diameter - pretty much exactly. I have the “bit” set in gSender and I never change that setting. After I have set X0Y0, I change out to the bit that I will use first in my project. Any further bit changes only require a Z0 reset. In this way, I don’t need to worry about failing memory and remembering which bit is in gSender and which is in the router. Even I know that I cannot cut with a piece of drill rod. :grinning:


Question about feed speed. I am new and still learning quite a bit so thank you to everyone for their patience and answers.

I’ve notice with my last couple of carves the speed in gsender doesn’t match the tool path settings. Yesterday I had a tool path set for 200 inches/min and the speed on gsender stated 150. Today I have a tool path going that is set for 300inches/min and gsender is stating 157.48/min. I also have it maxed out at 200%. Am I reading the speed wrong or misunderstanding it in gsender?

@Swinly If you are using the default feed settings on your Mill, they are set to 4000 mm/min for X and Y and 3000 mm/mm for Z. In inches, this is approx. 157.5 in/min for X and Y and 118 in/min for Z. It doesn’t matter if your CAM is sending faster than that. The Mill will not move faster. You can see the settings here, Lonnie:

What are you using as your CAM software, just out of curiosity?

Super Idea Grant! I have struggled with this from time to time and this should help a bunch! I purchased some collars for setting the Z0 on different bits when a tool change is needed. I will let you know how they work. Thank you for sharing!

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@Dana I’ll be interested to hear how the collars work out, Dana. I considered them, but still just use the plate to reset Z0 on subsequent bits. One big advantage of the collars is that, if you don’t have a full-thickness surface to set Z0 on after your first cut, you can still have the subsequent bit at the correct protrusion.

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I will be sure to let you know. I use Careco maker and the post processor wont accept tool changes. How can I get around this with out having to have multiple tool paths at the ready to Load and Unload in gSender?

I’m using carveco maker +. I’m read some more up on the setting befor I go and start trying to change them. I need to make sure I understand what I’m doing.

@Dana Since you asked me, Dana, I’ll reply, but with luck, someone who uses Carveco will be able to help. As for me, I use VCarve and I need to do an individual tool path/gcode file for each bit. (I can create one gcode file for multiple tool paths, but only if the tool paths use the same bit.) I just load them into gSender one at a time. I’m not surprised that Carveco does the same. The two applications seem quite similar to me.

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I appreciate your time! Thank you!

Hey everyone, the next version is now out!

If you had an issue in this thread that you find has still not been fixed with the new version, let us know in the new thread :smiley: