OpenSource LongMill Scratch Build

Hi Folks:
I started this thread for those of us who live on the other side of the pond, and need to source our own parts and components. Shipping a kit to me, is pretty expensive and then add the duty and VAT, just too much $$…thanks to OpenSource and a good community, I’m onto a scratch build.:smile::smile:
Andy is going to verify a complete BOM (bill of materials).
I will try to post sellers of parts that turned out acceptable (mostly from eBay and Aliexpress for me).
If anybody else has had success in sourcing parts on their own, this would be a great place to share sources.
My build will be based off of the current Onshape Model, which I will date stamp here as Nov 2019, as I’m sure build updates will come along and the model will change, down the road.
This build won’t be super fast, since i will need to source a lot of stuff, but I’m thankful in advance for all scratch builders who share their finds.



Ok, I found a preliminary solution to a complete BOM, in the DETAILS tab of the UNBOXING resource page. Exact part details need to be referenced from other pages and the model.


This is a great idea. I would love to have a BOM to check if I can get the parts in reasonable quality.

To get the LongMill to germany, with only 19% assumed tax would be:
+ 261.10
= 1,901.10
+ 19%
= 2,262.31

I just had a nice phonecall with german customs, and the LongMill (almost certainly, no legal advice, don’t sue me) falls into:
Kategorie 8465 9200 00 0 Hobelmaschinen, Fräsmaschinen und Kehlmaschinen.

According to this, there are 2,7% customs duty on this:
+ 2.7%
= 2,323.39 Canadian $

That would be about 1,589.78 Euro.
I’m not sure if that is still a good price.
So, I would welcome a BOM very much, to be able to check what it would cost to source the parts myself.

Hi Mavu:
Ja, I didn’t even go that far as to check the duty category, for me. Shipping and then tax on that yet :pensive:
Andy Lee wrote me that he will try to put a completed BOM together, but I think he’s pretty busy shipping to the backers.
I started my own BOM from everything I could find on the website. It’s almost completed, together with sources where I would buy the components I need.
Some components I’ll be making myself, since I work in a machining facility. Instead of laser cutting I’ll wire EDM those parts.
I need a CNC at home where I can cut wood without tearing down setups on professional machines and then setting them all up again.
One more thing I have to check yet, is the compatibility of drag chains. I need to be certain that the end pieces or snap fit parts work with the LongMill STL components.
I’ll post as soon as I can, with the BOM. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

Ok, I have my hardware BOM together.
Check it out and see if I have something missing.
Please note, that the spindle and controller are not in the list. We’ll discuss those separately. Stand offs and the eccentric nuts I’ll make myself. I can’t find the long style of eccentric nuts that Scienci designed. Only the short stubby kind, are available in China. In my opinion the long style are worth it, so I’ll turn them up, out of some hex stock I found.
I’m aware that not all the sourced parts may be of the greatest quality, but I’m prepared to modify if needed.
I also noticed that some ACME nuts (stoppers) are only bushings with a set screw. With the T8 leadscrews that I sourced, are included flanged T8 nuts. I’ll part these down and tap them with set screws to make the stop collars we need.
And don’t forget filament costs.


Now trying to figure out how to upload a file

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I’m going to try to use a 1000mm T8 lead screw. The design uses 1030mm long, but when sourcing that length as an OpenSource build you have to look for 1010mm (very rare) or more common 1200mm. These however get to be pretty pricey.

Alrighty… Pulled the trigger on that BOM.
We’ll see how long it takes for all those goodies to come floating in.
In the meantime, got some parts to make :grin:
Some of the laser cut parts are in que for wire cutting :+1:
Still trying to find a per/meter source for angle extrusion. So far have a quote per 6m lengths.

Three main items left to decide on:

  1. Controller
  2. Drivers
  3. Spindle

I am considering the Raspberry Pi with Protoneer CNC hat… Only thing, GRBL is only good for 3 axis. Was thinking about a rotary C down the road, if everything pans out.
Anybody have some thoughts for me, on a stand alone 4 axis solution?

Anything others?

Looking at air cooled VFD.
Don’t have a trim router and don’t like the 30000rpm they have. But maybe one of those brushed spindles is good enough?
Any recommendations?


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Curious on the BOM how much u anticipate it will cost you

Hi Streamer:
Part costs are on the BOM. I priced everything that I need to buy.
I can’t tell you time/material costs on the pieces I’m making since I work in a machine shop… Most materials are free for me and machine time is free.
Plastic filament I didn’t cost yet… Need to total the grams for all parts.
The big costs left for me are: controller, drivers and spindle. I didn’t decide yet on them, so no price yet. I’ll post those once I’ve bought them.
I’m pretty sure my costs are much cheaper than most scratch builds because of free materials and machine time. Also scrounged stuff laying around…hobbiest since birth​:joy::joy:



I’ve been doing a lot of research on controllers, in the meantime.
I’m leaning towards a stand alone 4 axis controller like the DDCSV series. Very much like what Jay from BrainRight has done…

Anybody else have experience with this?

I first wanted to go with Raspberry Pi and Protoneer board, but GRBL is still limited to 3 axis.

I didn’t buy anything yet… Going through all my options…I know it’s a bit more money, but I think it’ll be worth it. I’ll build my own MPG just like Jay did. He did a very nice job.
Appreciate any input

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Ok, next bit of info:

I bought a DDCSV2.1 controller like this:

Yes, it’s a little more than what the original kit is offering, but I have used for a C axis down the road, and I wanted a stand alone controller… No laptop in the shed.

Next I took this spindle combo:

Ya, it’s more than the kit also, but I couldn’t find a good deal on a 800W spindle. I’d like to get an 8mm collet in addition though.

And for drivers I took these:

These will handle a higher supply voltage, which I need since I have stuff laying around to build a 36v linear power supply.
I would be interested though, which drivers are in the ScienciLabs control box?

What else… Ok, the other goodies like MPG and switches I’ll throw into the BOM spreadsheet.

The 3" and 2" aluminum angle I could only source in 6m lengths, and I’m not planning on building 3 LongMills just yet😁. Sooo, I did find some 70mm70mm7mm stock that I can get /m. Hmm… So I’m looking into how easily I can modify the model to use the 70*70. I don’t want to have 8m of stock sitting on the shelf. When I’m that far I’ll be happy to post the files, for other Metric builders.

And my first AliExpress parts started arriving :clap::clap:

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Wow @Hansi the build looks like it’s moving along very well! I’m very excited to see how it starts to come together. Congratulations on receiving the first set of parts! :raised_hands::clap::fist:

Thanks Chris. If you’re already tuned in here, could you tell me on which driver chip you based your control board?

@Hansi the control board is based off four TB6600 stepper motor driver modules, one for each axis and two for the Y-axis :+1:

Thanks Chris. Exactly what I wanted to know.

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Working on changing the model to accept 70mm70mm7mm angle stock, for all axis’.
That’s the material I had available to me, without buying 6m lengths.:raised_hands:

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Wanted to post some pics, but can’t figure it out using the app🙈
Anybody have some tips as to attach pics etc. using the app? Drag drop?

There’s a small picture frame in the bottom right corner where you can attach pictures

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Interesting…I hit that icon before and nothing happened, only minimized keyboard.
Ok, so you got me thinking… So from the sandwich menu, I found an option to switch to desktop view.
Then the icon was in the menu bar…I hit it, and got one step further, to select an upload from the web or my device. When I click, choose files, it just sits there.
Thought maybe has to do with app permissions, but it doesn’t show up in the apps list. Makes me think it’s running on a browser platform… But I’m not a software developer.
Anybody have some more ideas or have a similar issue?
Have a Xiaomi Note4x if that helps
Thanks in advance