Oramask in the cold weather

I’ve always had good look with oramask stencil film, but this is the first time I’ve used it in cold weather and it didnt work at all. Didnt stick to the wood well and when it cut it didnt cut smoothly more like pieces just broke off. Anyone use it in the cold without issues?

@Dhk I don’t use Oramask. I use the cheap shelf paper, but it’s the same. I don’t think you will find any pressure sensitive adhesive that likes cool temps. My shop is cool at this time of year, and I bring paints, finishes and adhesives upstairs to the warmer rooms in the house until I need to use them.

Thanks, I’ll have to try keeping the vinyl inside the house prior to using to see if that helps.

The first time I used Oramask it was on a cold day and did not had any luck, the second time I tried it I pre warmed the Oramask and the wood and worked fine.

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@Denis @Dhk Just to add to my previous reply, Oramask says it’s good between 10°C/50°F and 25°C/87°F.

I wouldn’t push the lower limit.

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