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From Andy (originally posted on the Sienci Labs Facebook page):

Hey everyone. As we continue to ship more and more orders out, we’ve also experienced increased communication with customers looking for updates on their order status.
In response to this, we’ve started working on a tool to help improve communication and transparency in updating customers waiting on LongMill, LongMill MK2, and LaserBeam orders.
This page is still a work in progress (www.sienci.com/order-status), but we feel that it should help our customers see the status of their orders easier and help alleviate the time our operations staff need to communicate updates directly. This page should also give everyone an idea of how far their order is in being ready to ship, and give us a place to provide general production updates!
We’ll continue to improve the page as time goes on, but the basic functionality of the system is currently working. Please feel free to check it out, and if you have any thoughts or recommendations, please comment them below!


I ordered T tracks along with my Longmill which will be shipped separately. Can I get the T tracks shipped now so I can finish my waste board while I wait for my Longmill?

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Apparently, nothing was shipped out today.


Would be nice to get an update on the MK2 list . Ive been on the list for a week now and no update no numbers on my order…???

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@derreln Dale: The order page states that shipping of the Mk2 will start in mid-February to the end of the March. There will be no updates here on the forum. The online order page, linked to in this thread, is the place to go for order status information.

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This thread is closed. For up-to-date information on order status and expected shipping schedules, click on this link, which will take you to the online order status page of Sienci: