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Nice job! Looks great!!

What bit did you use on the top section?


Thanks. I used a 1/4" 2 flute straight bit. The exact one is sold at harbor freight in a router bit kit. I had a hard time finding speeds and feeds for EVA foam. The Internet pointed me to a $75 Amana bit and suggested a high feed rate and no climb milling because it will leave a nasty looking edge.

My cheap bit worked really nicely @
*Feed rate : 2500 mm/min
*RPM : 22,000
*Plunge : 1500 mm/min
*Depth per pass: 2.5 mm

  • Step over, 40-50% can’t remember exactly

I have to admit that I’m not much of a wood worker. I used a hand router 2 times before buying the longmill so I don’t know much about bits. I don’t think this type of bit is intended for plunging straight down into material but it has no problem doing so in EVA foam, at least when taking 2.5 mm passes. I couldn’t use my vacuum shoe because it had a tendency to suck the material up from the table. Instead I just held the vacuum next to the bit. When cutting this EVA I got long strands of foam. I learned that you want to keep this strand feeding into the vacuum otherwise it may wrap up on the bit sometimes. When it did wrap up a few times the strand migrated to the highest point, I used a long scrap piece of wood and lightly pressed it against the left side of the bit to spin it off without issue. This bit looks identical to the one I used.