Outdoor Table Top

My wife bought some outdoor furniture for our back patio, and yours truly was delegated the task of assembly, which I dutifully carried out. However, during the unboxing I inadvertently dropped the glass top to the table, which proceeded to shatter on the garage floor!
I told her not to worry, I can make you one.
At first I was just going to cut a 1/2 plywood panel and call it job done, but after cutting it to size I thought, hmmm, I can do something with this and the results are pictured below.
After staining the surface I engraved what you see, filled with Epoxy Resin, prepped the surface and finished with clear coat resin.
She loved it - I’m off the hook and not counting the cure times for the resin it only took an afternoon’s work.


First, I thought there would be a new glass top :stuck_out_tongue:
Well done!

Beautiful work! May I ask how you did the project? I assume you cut the dimensions up so it would carve in multiple files or were you able to do that all in one shot?

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Thanks, and yes you may. I use VCarve Desktop and I did seperate the Monogram, verse and flourishes, but I could have combined them.
Here’s my VCarve file so you can check it out.

H Monogram Table Top.crv (2.5 MB)

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My wife got one of those too, so I spent part of the day yesterday assembling. Had to get a tap to clear out a few inserts that had weld spatter. Didn’t break the top yet but good to have backup!!!

If you have a Diamond bit, you can do an engraving on it that could make it special.