Pen blank using Vortex

My first successfully carved pen blank using the Vortex. The kit is an older Elegant Beauty that I had from a former life. :grinning:

The wood is Koa, clear coated, then stained dark mahogany. When the stain dried, I sanded it off the surface to leave the carved bits dark.

I rounded of the square blank using the VCarve rounding gadget, then carved the detail using a 30° V bit, cutting to .045" in one pass.

This was my fourth attempt. Still a fun project.


Cool, wonder if you’ve tried minwax tung oil for finish. Been hearing good things as it relates to guitar bodies, Tru Oil as well.

@Chaosweaver When I was making pens regularly, I experimented with pretty much every finishing process there was. Many worked well and looked good at the outset, but after months of handling, wore off. Polymerized tung oil lasted quite a while. Many use CA glue as a finish. It is very durable, but look a bit too “plastic” for my taste.

This one is not finished at all. I clear coated it in lacquer to seal the carve so that the dark stain wouldn’t bleed. After the stain, I sprayed it clear again just to see how the contrast worked. Since this one is not a keeper, I won’t be doing any “permanent” finish on it.

Tks for your interest.

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