PhotoVcarve and UGS

Is anyone out there using PhotoVcarve with UGS? I am having a problem with the scaling of the item when brought into UGS from PhotoVcarve. I set everything on PhotoVcarve to inches, 7 x 10 and when save as tap file and opened in UGS the item come out as a .47mm by .58mm design. I can cut it but this is to small to use. Tried everything to enlarge design to no avail. UGS does not show up in the post processor list on PhotoVcarve but am using G Code Inch.(*.tap). Maybe this is the problem, not sure. Has anybody had this problem and if so do you have a fix. By the way, my UGS still works with any other design I make with Aspire. Have an email to Vetric to see if they know what is wrong but thought i would ask current users of the Longmill.

First off Charles welcome to the forum. UGS will not show up as a post processor. Try using GRBL Inch since you designed in inches. This will generate a .gcode file. I used UGS for a while but switched to gSender a few months ago. I do remember there was an option on the screen to select between, I think, G20 (inch) and G21 (mm) or vice-versa. If I remember correctly it was on the right side of the screen just below the jogging buttons. Give those a try and let us know how it goes.

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yes its called the "state "button in UGS. Its just next to jog functions, and UGS Diagnostics(top left) this will toggle between metric and inches. Just hit the state button and you will have a drop down menu giving you the choice . Hope this helps Charles

@Charlescurrie I also had scaling issues with UGS. Switched to gSender and it just worked. Aspire remembers (stored in registry) your settings so as @Heyward43 said, set your post processor to GRBL inch in Aspire. Only have to set it once. *.tap is also a problem if you are running a Longmill. Should be *.gcode

As the original post/issue was raised several months ago and the OP has not indicated that the problem persists, I am closing this thread.

If anyone has a similar problem, please start a new thread. I’m sure that someone will be able to help.