Playing with the Laser

trying out some 4x4” coasters. Laser dip switch setting #3. Lightburn software. N. Norton method on 4x4 white subway tile with Rustoleum gloss white overcoat. Avg time each about an hour. Feeds & power differ each photo.


How did you decide what feed/speed combo to use? Test plate? Trial/Error?

Bit of trial & error. Played with the simulation in Lightburn & when I thought it looked close tried it out. I had bought a box (100) of tiles from Lowes which were about 29cents each so wasn’t too concerned about testing other than the time it took to burn.

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Those came out amazing!

Thanks. Still tweaking but was happy with those.

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Outstanding job Rusty! I have purchased same amount of tiles as you have. Started testing and made a few.

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