Plywood Experiment - Logo / Sign

Thought I would try a basic sign / logo - so I tried cutting it out of a scrap of 3/4 inch birch plywood (not Baltic, just regular).

It went pretty well - the major learning experience was that a 1/8 inch up cut bit will cause tear out even when using stock to leave.

Design was an SVG imported into Fusion 360. Passes:

  • rough adaptive clearing with 1/4 inch down cut, with stock to leave (fantastic cut quality)
  • rough adaptive clearing clean up with 1/8 inch up cut, with stock to leave (some tearout - should have used down cut)
  • rough adaptive clearing clean up with 1/16 down cut, with stock to leave
  • finish contour with 1/16 down cut
  • cut out with 1/4 down cut (tear-out on the back, but not a problem)

Not a super complicated project, but was a bit of an experiment with lower quality plywood. I don’t know if v-carving with lower quality plywood would work, but down cut bits seem to do nicely. If I was worried about the back surface, I would use a compression bit for cutting it out.

Andy and crew from Sienci were here to take lots of pictures and video, since I was a MK2 beta tester - I’m sure you’ll see that posted soon too.