Post processing

What post processing file extension am I looking for?
There are about 200 different types.

@Aintright - First off welcome to the group Jeff. This is the place to get questions answered (usually quickly). PP extension should be either GRBL IN or GRBL MM whichever you have designed your project in. Good cutting.

What CAM program are you using?

Hi again, @NeilFerreri . I had a similar question about which post-processing selection to make.

I’m using MeshCAM and so far I’ve just been exporting g-code using the “Basic G-Code mm” selection.

I’ve never had issues with it, but lately I tried updating to the latest version of gSender and started getting a lot of line errors: stuff like the machine pausing for a tool change, or other unspecified errors. They usually appear at the start of the carve then go away.

It’s making me wonder if I should be exporting g-code from MeshCAM using the GRBL mm selection?

That’s probably the best choice, but I haven’t used meshcam in probably 9yrs and that was a trial version.

If you post the gcode that’s giving you issues, I can look at it. I’m not sure what options are available for post processing from meshcam. Because Rob over at Carbide 3D is the developer of meshcam, there might be differences between a generic Grbl version and the versions for the Nomad and Shapeoko machines. Grbl mm sounds like a good start, especially if you’re only using one tool.

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Thank you, sir! Appreciate the wisdom and the sharing!

@The_Unknown_Bassist @NeilFerreri I’ve moved this to the software category.

@The_Unknown_Bassist Has Neil resolved your issue?

Yes, he did! He is a serious Yoda, as are the other forum members I reached out to. Using their guidance and wisdom, I was able to dial in and pull off a carve today that just… totally makes me smile! It’s so perfect, and I may totally mess it up when I “flip it” and do the other side. But wow! That’s the phase I’m in right now: Learning Curve. And Neil and Michael and others are totally helping me to flatten that curve! Thanks again, @NeilFerreri. It worked! Just like you said it would!

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