Precision collet not holding 1/8th bits

I am having an issue where the precision collets are not holding my 1/8th bits securely.

I have the Makita RT0701C router.

I have tried a new collet and my bits are in a new pack from Sienci. I have tried cleaning the collet nut. The collet. slips up into the router spindle and is almost flush with the rim of the spindle receiver.

I do not have this issue at all with the 1/4 to 1/8th adapter.

I am wondering if the router spindle is defective and needing to be replaced ?

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Sometimes a new 1/8 collet requires a bit more wrenching when used for its first time. Tighten the collet and then after you feel resistance you should be able to get a little more tight to engage the 1/8 inch collet. Hope this helps.


@GregM check this out. All you need to know about collets : A Guide to Collets and CNC Router Tools - YouTube

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