Probing off of other corners

It would be nice for the probe menu to allow you to select which corner you want to probe instead of the default front left. This mostly comes up when I am performing two sided cuts, I always want to reference off the same corner, so when I flip the stock, the corner is no longer on the front left. I know I can work around this by flipping the axes temporarily in the firmware window, but thats more complicated than this needs to be, additionally, it runs the risk of forgetting to unflip the axes before you start a cut.


I agree it could be useful. I do probing from odd directions by enterring G38.2 commands via the console. BUT sometimes these commands appear to cause the jogging to run away afterwards!

@KalebMannion The subject of zeroing off of a corner other than the front left has come up before, and is likely being looked at by the Sienci gurus.

However, and you may be aware of this, on double sided projects, you do not change the XY0 position when you flip the material. So, you do not use the touch plate or the manual method to set XY0 for the second side. Only the Z0 changes. If you were to change, or reset the XY0, the two sides will not align.

@KalebMannion From what I have seen in videos from Vectric on two sided carving, Z Zero would be referenced from the top of the material (like lower left or whatever) for side one and side two would be referenced from the spoil board. The idea being you are referencing the same “Face” of the material - assuming your material and spoil board are flat.

As @gwilki said, you would not have to reset XY0. I also think being able to reference other corners can be useful.

@stevendq Yeah, this mainly came up for me when I was cutting some drone winglets out of foam for work. I cut the stock roughly with an exacto knife and didn’t bother to measure it, so I could only “trust” one corner of the work piece for referencing, and when flipping, that corner moves from the front left, to front right. So I could reference that corner for X & Y (by changing the X direction in the firmware settings) and use the spoil board for Z. Lined up pretty much perfectly.

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@KalebMannion You may want to look at videos on Mark Lindsay’s youtube channel on 2-sided projects. You use asymmetrical dowel pins to locate the piece when you flip it. It does not matter what the profile of material is that way. I do circles, triangles, etc. The dowels ensure that the top and bottom match every time.

@gwilki I’ve seen and tried that actually for cutting some PCBs. Didn’t think of doing it for other things! Thanks for the tip!

@KalebMannion You’re very welcome. The beauty of using locator pins is that you do not need to think about XY0 after the initial setting on the top side of the material. You drill holes in the waste area of your top side, then mirrored holes in your wasteboard. When you put dowels in the wasteboard holes and flip your piece, they have to line up with the holes you drilled on the top side. Your XY0 may well be off from the corner or edge of your material, but they will be spot on WRT to your top side carving.

Have fun. Post your projects, please.