Program Doesn't Run

Created toolpaths in vectric. Load into sender and outlines correctly but will not run project moves to start position and stops.

Similar topic in March 2022. But I don’t know what " hard stop on z axis due to excessive safe distance setting" means.

Can you share your gcode?

Did your Z axis hit the limit switch? Did gSender show an error or alarm?

Thanks for the reply!
I have no limit switches and there was no alarm.

Can you share your gcode?

By sharing the gcode do you want the version or the actual file in gcode I am trying to use?


The actual gcode. At least the first 20-30 lines

The actual gcode. At least the first 20-30 lines. I don’t know how to do that.

I did solve the problem though. Since the other files worked I decided to redo the file that wasn’t running. Apparently I was doing something wrong in creating the file. So this time it ran. I’m not sure what I messed up in creating the file so I can’t say.
Thank you for your help!

So the past couple of days I have been trying to create afile that would run in Gsender. This what I do.
Create a New file-Job set up -single sided-Job Size-7.0,7.0, 0.74 inches. z zero -material surface-XY datum position x 0, y 0-click ok -create vectors-circle-center point x 0 y 0-Diameter 6.5 Inches-create-close- Switch to toolpath command-material setup-set-thickness 0.74 xy datum center=z zero- material gap above model-0.0 -rapid z gaps above material-clearance 0.2-plunge 0.2-home start position x 0,0, y 0,0-z gap above material 0.8-click okay-material setup set- 0.2 z.0-0.74-toolpath operations-profile toolpath-2Dprofile toolpath-cutting depth 074-tool end mill 1/4"-passes 13-machine vector- on-climb-no last pass-no tabs-check add ramps-zigzag-specify ramp distance 0.5-name “circle 1”-pick the vector-calculate-I get previus -close-toolpath operations-save toolpath-selected toolpath-machine Longmill 48x30-save toolpath-save to progects-Gsender-load file-outline ok-varify job ok-start job. The router goes to the top of the circle and stops.

@Dean I have moved your topic to the Vectric help category.

Post your .crv file.

What post processor are you using in VCarve to create your gcode?

Where are you setting XY0 in material setup. I am assuming that you are setting it in the centre of the material since you are creating a circle with its centre at XY0, but I am a bit lost by your text description. The .crv file will help.

Parsed the text (as best I can)

In addition to what Grant posted, can you post your actual gcode file? The one with the “.gcode” extension.

When you say the router locates and then stops, I’m thinking that you didn’t actually get all of your design’s vectors saved to gcode.

I’m going to have to find out how to send a Gcode file… I don’t know how’


@Dean Simply reply to any of the topics in this thread, click the “upload” button and add your .crv file and .gcode file.

@Dean No worries, Dean. If you upload those files, I’m sure that someone here will be able to help. Lacking them really leaves us all in the dark.

Thanks for the reply!
Right now I am stuck looking for the “upload” button. Not sure where to look.

When you start a new “Reply”, there is an icon.

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I can’t figure out how to load the .gcode and .cfr files. I will get in contact with my son on Friday and hopefully he can show me how to do it.


@Dean I’ve sent you a private message

circle 1.gcode (11.9 KB)
circle.crv (304 KB)

Are these the two files? If not how do I access a private message? I would be thankful if you could fix whatever I am doing wrong. WOW Thanks!

Does this screen have anything to do with this?
XY movement 0.197, Z move 0.079, speed 118 ?