Project file exchange

A member of our group contacted me last week to suggest that we create a place on the forum for the exchange of project files created by our members.

The Marketplace board was created, in part, to accommodate such exchanges. While the “About” topic on Marketplace sets out the rules for posting on Marketplace, I thought it might be a good idea to remind all of us that there is a “freebie” subcategory where members can post project files that are free to be downloaded and used by members. This can also be the place to ask if another member has a file that you may be looking for. Members can also post that they have project files for sale, always keeping in mind that if the project files were originally bought from a commercial supplier, copyright rules must be complied with.


Great reminder Grant

I’ll add on that though the Marketplace section should be able to fulfill most file sharing needs, our team has also been working for a while now on a new, general-purpose CNC file sharing site which we’re looking to begin Alpha testing starting in January. If course, just as we’ve done with gSender this won’t just be something for the LongMill community but something we feel would be to the benefit of the CNC Community as a whole

If anyone is interested in joining is to help us test this platform, provide feedback on bugs, features, and design, please send me a Private Message so I can arrange further communication :slight_smile:


Great idea! I think I went to the right place in Marketplace, and there are no Freebies as of yet, correct? Or did I go to the wrong place?

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@aringer You were in the right spot, Adi. It may take some time to catch on. :grinning:


There are posts that already have files, for example, HDPE Clamps from HDPE - Read down for Free Files
Is there a way to seed the file sharing section in Freebies with existing files?

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@aringer Good idea, Adi.