HDPE Clamps from HDPE - Read down for Free Files

My spoilboard is 3/4 mdf, 1/4-20 T Nuts on 2" Centers.

Made some clamps to hold things down, on the straight clamps I used 1/4-20 threaded inserts so I can adjust the height for different thickness stock. cheap and simple. Just noticed yesterday that reversing the height adjust screw in the insert allowed me to lower the clamp for thin material helped greatly.

About $12 for the 12"X12" HDPE, a few inserts, I am using allen head screws and some washers.

Happy to send the V Carve file to anyone interested

Edit: I’ve attached all of Bill’s files and a .dxf that was requested to this, the first post in the thread. I hope that, this way, everyone can find the files easily. Grant

Hold down clamps.crv (1.4 MB)

Hold down clamps.dxf (121.3 KB)

Profile 1 hold down clamps.gcode (15.3 KB)

Profile 1 right angle clamps.gcode (39.5 KB)

Profile 2 Cam Locks.gcode (162.7 KB)


I would like the file ,please. hmeadjr@yahoo

Sent you the V Carve file and the G code for each style.

I would also like this file please.


Thanks in advance.

Done, enjoy the files, both V Carve and g code

Yes I would also like the file.


@michou need an email address

Here is my email address: michel@iaoqc.ca

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Good job. I would like the the file please.

@Rob please send your email

@michou Email doesn’t seem to work for me, revise?

I would like the file please, thanks :+1:
(5 weeks and counting b4 I get my LM)

File for me as well sdequaker@gmail.com

Nice work

i would like the file also ths it is the best one i have seen
send to jerryfullerton12@gmail.com

That looks good. I would appreciate the file. Thanks

Please forward file to

I too would very much appreciate a copy of the file, please forward to wally4g@gmail.com
Thanks in advance!

Just saw your request, haven’t checked the forum lately, email sent

Great Design Bill, Can I have the file(s) please

Gary C


I am new too this CNC stuff. I would like the file too. Do you have the file on the spoilboard (inserts and grid) too. I would really appreciate it.