"Project that is photo art" Contest Submission

Good timing for this contest!!
My daughter asked if i’d make a piece of wall art featuring Calgary for her boyfriend. I found a good pic online then line traced it in three layers, one for each piece of plywood. Foreground, Mid ground and Background, (there is a 4th layer that is black and is the backing for the picture frame).
After cutting the three pieces out, I stained them in graduated colours and glued them all together. I then got to work on the frame.
I made the frame slightly smaller, (less wide), than the laminated layers to allow for precise sizing, (trimming the layers down to size to fit the frame).
The frame has mitered corners with splines made from the same red acrylic used for the “Calgary” text. It’s translucent so if there is overhead lighting, the red will be illuminated along the sides:), (the top splines anyways).
The picture of the back shows the “hack” I used to cover up the black stain used for the very back of the picture. I had some black stain migrate to the back resulting in some “splotches” that would be visible from the back. I masked off a 1/2" strip around the perimeter and painted it black, (after sealing the back). It looks ok now:)