Quick and Easy Hold Down

I worked in a steel shop for way too long and was fortunate enough to have a 5 foot by 10 foot table to build stuff on (yep, had to build my own table). Many jigs tacked to that table. No fancy clamps or perfectly spaced holes, just a nice almost flat table.
So how to tack wood to a torsion box table?
Hot glue! Cheap ass glue gun from a blue box store and they stock some glue sticks. Tack weld the wood to the spoil board and carry on. If the wood is twisty, tack it on the average and hit it with a surfacing pass. No shims required (you can 3d print those if it is really twisted) and your brain won’t hurt trying to clamp strange shapes down to a flat table. At 120 ipm, there may be a little flex in the glue but not much, I haven’t broken anything loose yet. That stuff is kinda strong. And cheap. No fancy clamps required!