Raspberry Pi - Gsender - Hardware required


I have been having issues with my machine disconnecting when using my surface book 2. Not that often without the dust boot on but with the dust boot on even though it is grounded it will happen within 3-4 minutes. I tested another laptop of ours and it made it through multiple jobs without disconnecting with the dust boot running, however I cannot have this laptop in the dust at all time so I was thinking of using a raspberry pi.

My question is what hardware is required for a pi? My understanding is most people put raspberry pi os onto a pi, connect a screen and mouse and download gsender onto the pi. Is the screen required or how can I use my laptop (with the bad usb connections) to remotely control the pi so it can just sit there plugged into the mk2 without any screen, mouse, keyboard.

I currently have octopi running on a few 3d printers and can easily remote into those using the ip address.

Thank you!

I don’t have much to offer on this question because I don’t run my machine with a Raspberry Pi. Hopefully someone who does will chime in. I just wanted to say that maybe you should look into gSender Edge. I have read on here that it has a headless mode and that sounds like what your looking for. Searching the forum for gSender headless yields some results that may be useful.

This one in particular, is from the Sienci team.

Maybe this will get you started on the right path. Good day to ya!


I would be very cautious using a Raspberry Pi; they are extermely sensitive to static. I use one for my thin client to work and it has a fit whenever I cross the room and touch my keyboard. While this seems to only affect the monitor (I’ve verified the screen itself isn’t the issue), I’m sure it could also impact a CNC machine, something far more dangerous than a monitor.