Recent Forum Maintenance

Hello all,

Just to let you know why you might’ve been kicked off the forum a multitude of times over the day (and potentially another few times in the near future) is just from regular maintenance I’m having to run on it to keep everything ship-shape. The four main sources have been:

  1. The Forum server was running out of data storage so I have to clear out some space for continued use
  2. Due to our continual increase in forum users the computer running our forum needed an upgrade to be able to handle the new posts and interactions happening
  3. Sometimes the forum software needs an update that requires a full restart so that was taken care of
  4. There are some new plugins that we’ll be trying to integrate to the forum to improve it’s usage and how we can interact with one another in the community - I’ll make a follow up to the post if/once those are in place so I can explain them further.

Happy Thursday everyone!