Regarding Forum Outage

Hi all, Chris here

So as many of you likely noticed the forum has been down since approximately Sunday at midnight. Thanks for hanging in while we worked the last two days at trying to dig to the bottom of the problem, we’ve learned a lot from the issue we had to solve and are now better set up moving forward :+1:

We ran into the issue while trying to run some servicing on the forum and that caused a pretty wild consequence where the whole forum server got stuck due to a duplication in the database. The reason we had so much difficulty fixing the problem was because the wind up process couldn’t run with the duplication, but we also weren’t able to access the database to remove the duplication unless we could get everything wound up again - it was very circular issue. We kept working at it Sunday, Monday, and today to try everything we could think of and now it seems the latest efforts of one of our devs @walid_kayhan has resolved the issue.

If anyone sees any posts gone or any other issues let us know we’ll be keeping our eyes on the forum for the next couple days to ensure we haven’t missed anything.

Thanks for everyone’s understanding and let’s get back to chatting and CNCing together!


Did the outage have any effect on the order status page? Or has it just not been updated today.


Nope, shouldn’t have any effect. We sent out more machines today though so I’m sure you should see it continue to update

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I, like a lot of us waiting on orders that we have payed for in advance. watch the order status page daily if not more. I have not seen an update since 2022-04-14 15:24:16, based on this you seem to have shipped only 9 days this month since you recieved the delayed supplies. I hope this page can be updated with some urgency…


Not beating a dead horse here, but I haven’t seen the status page update since Thursday too. I assumed it was due to the Easter weekend that everyone had off (well earned I’m sure!). I’m 35 away from mine being shipped out so my anxiousness is getting the best of me. LOL. I know you all are working feaverishly to get all the machines out you can in a proper manner! I’m excited to say the least! Thank you for all your hard work Chris.

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Andy looked into it and it seems it got a bit stuck on updating. Just checked the page now and it’s now updated to today - approaching 200 total machines shipped with some great pace (probably the best we’ve ever had) so I hope that helps you guys out in terms of expecting your own order to ship.

Edward is correct that we were away after the 14th until yesterday so it’s something I’m glad you guys pointed out


Thanks for updating the order status page… I think I can speak for all, this makes the waite a little easier to bare when we see the good progress you guys are making filling the orders… Thanks.

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Glad to hear Dave, happy to help :cowboy_hat_face:

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200 orders in just a few weeks is IMPRESSIVE! You guys keep up the awesome work! Thanks for the update.


It looks like the order status page is not updating again, no change since yesterday at noon. “2022-04-21 11:15:45”

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Thanks for the heads up Dave

Andy sent an email out regarding order updates and shipping emails to our email list the other day so I’ll repost it here as well

We’ve recently run into an issue (since April 18th) where shipping notifications for LongMill MK2 orders are not being sent. All other email notifications for orders (parts, bits, and other products) are being sent, and the only orders that are being impacted are the ones with LongMill MK2s. In the meantime, we are sending out the notifications manually, so please keep an eye out for them. We are continually working on fixing this issue, and if your order is showing completed on our Order Status page, please get in touch with us for the tracking info.

We suspect that there may be some bugs with the system as there was some updates that happened around this time. We’ll continue monitoring the emails being sent out so that we can keep folks updated as best as we can.

We are also experiencing some issues with auto-syncing orders with the Order Status page, so we have been updating it throughout the day. Please note that there may be a bit of delay day to day on the status of the items on the page until we fix the system.