Relief or .stl on the web

Hello All, Not sure were to put this but i have been looking for a relief or .STL. no mater were i look i cannot find something that i am looking for for a customer. old southwestern Covered wagon pulling by 2 horses. Does anybody now were to find .stl or relief

Hi @long1098 - does your customer have a particular image in mind, or is this more of a conceptual request?

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Hello. It conceptual request. He looking for covered wagon pulled by 2 hores with driver… on the open trail with MTN in the back ground

Like the one @gwilki found for you?

I was surprised at how quickly @gwilki found that! I had not seen that site before.

@long1098 is that what you were looking for?

@elbarsal I’m just good, Ed. :grinning: :grinning:

Seriously, though, this is the model site for Vectric. You don’t need to be using their applications to use their models. The good part is that the models are well tested and good quality.

@gwilki is right. Every file I have used from Vectircs site has been great. If price is an issue and for me somethimes the file $value does not justify for a one off project I will turn to etsy if I am not able to make the file myself. But there is always more work. More work = time. Time =$. Lots of options. I like the time saving option myself :wink:

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@long1098 Did you find something that your customer was happy with?

As @long1098 has not updated this topic, I’m closing it.