Relocating the control box power LED and three switches

Has anyone explored relocating the control box power LED and three switches to the top of there table? Since real estate in my shop is at a premium, I mounted the control box under my table. I’m considering adding remote buttons and a power indicator on top of the table. Any thought would be appreciated.

@Eddie203 I mounted a remote led to show that the controller is powered up. I’ve not tried soldering in remote buttons. That said, I can’t remember the last time that I used the buttons. UGS will perform all the functions with a click of a mouse.

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure if they would ever be used…

@Eddie203 Don’t go by my experience only, Eddie. Others may chime in here. My controller is not particularly handy to me, and I’ve always found that the pause, stop and reset functions of UGS serve me well. Also, and more importantly perhaps, I have a “panic button” that controls the Mill controller, the router, and the laser (when in use). If things go sideways, I hit it and everything dies.

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I would think it would be handy to wire one of those big red stop buttons maybe to the pause. I have had more than one occasion that I wish i had stopped it sooner and I don’t have a power cut off.

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@jrl657 That would be handy, James. I use a keypad for jogging my Mill, and so, I have a pause button close to hand when the Mill is running. It’s not as big and easy to hit as one of those panic buttons, but at least I don’t have to look at the monitor and click on pause. I don’t trust myself to open up the Mill controller and mess around with a soldering gun, so this will have to do.