"Remote Control/Headless" Feature in gSender Edge

Hi everyone. If you’re a more adventurous CNC user, did you know that our experimental version of gSender includes a powerful Remote Control feature (sometimes referred to as headless) that can enable new functionality of your CNC within your shop?

You can load in a file from your design computer outside your shop and then run it on your computer inside the shop, use a tablet to control your CNC rather than a mouse and keyboard, use a phone for jogging or running functions, or leverage a mini PC or Raspberry Pi as the tethered computer for cheap, fanless, and reliable operation without taxing them with a display, keyboard, and mouse.

This feature is new so don’t expect it to be perfect, but try it out and give us feedback if you find anything we can do to improve it. Be sure you don’t use this feature to run your CNC remotely, we discourage unsafe use of the CNC including leaving it running unattended.

Visit our blog for more information on setting up the “Remote Control” feature in gSender Edge and its other new features: