Removing Tape From Endmills

Hey Y’all,

Just wondering if anyone’s come up with a good way of getting tape off their endmills, for those of us using double sided carpet tape anyways. I’ve tried soaking in acetone and using the tip of an exacto knife to scrape it off but it doesn’t seem to work all that well. So I’m looking for maybe an easier solution, or if I should keep doing what I’m doing.

I put a bit of GooGone in an endmill case and soak the endmill for a while. Comes right off.


Well colour me impressed, I let it soak, probably for a lot longer than I needed to, and the small amount of residue that was left after the soak just wiped clean off. Much thanks for the tip on that mate.

The real trick is to not cut past the bottom of the material. :smiley: Since you’re cutting into the tape, try adjusting Z for the thickness of the tape.

I’ve settled on blue tape / CA glue method. The trick with that is to allow for the thickness of two layers of tape and CA glue layer. I adjust my Z by 0.010" as a standard. It works very well. At worst, my bit will just skim the top of the tape.

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I’m really not concerned about cutting into the tape with through cuts, it doesn’t affect the cut in anyway, so it really isn’t “The trick” as you put it. As for the blue tape/CA method, tried it a few times and each time it has failed to hold the workpiece, and since I have an abundance of double sided tape which I know works, I’ll stick with that.

The issue I’ve had with cutting into the tape is that the gum from the tape makes a mess of the surface that is cut after the bit gets the gum on it. Now, I leave a few thousand’s inch onion skin that I have to trim off, but the cuts on the sides no longer are messed up with the gum.

That’s why I only use double sided tape for non through cuts now. Or on cuts where I know exactly where I can put the tape. Blue tape and CA glue is my preferred method, but it takes a bit more time to set up. Cutting completely through your stock, but not through the tape is truly satisfying.

Double sided tape isn’t a good option for cutting aluminum, but Blue tape and CA glue works great.

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