Replacement rails

Just something to pass on.

I had asked for help with a issue of my Z dropping down and little bb’s. I was soon to find out the the liner rails have theses little bb’s in them and I needed to replace them. This I have done. Yeah!

What I learned.

Be VERY careful when you are taking the Z and half the X apart. Don’t do it where you might have other things that will jump up and hide the screw you are now looking for. Account for everything. Oh and check the V wheels and order then at the time you get the rails.

Putting it back together, YOU WILL GET NO! Instructions with the parts. Why did I say this? Because the replacement rails have a little screw at each end that you need to replace with the ones that you took off. If you don’t then you are not going to have enough screws to put it back together. When I put it back together I notice the you have 2 different length black screws! One set is for the slide on the rails (8) and the other is to mount the rail to the Z plate.

So, I mounted the rails to the Z plate and then and only then did I remove (ONE AT A TIME) the little screws and replaced with the ones that came off the old rails.

Next hard thing is to get the Z back on the axis. Now I may have done this wrong but it worked! I replaced all of the V wheels and working on getting this thing back together, when I found the I could not get on with tight wheels

So I loosen the top wheel to the point of falling off and it slipped over the top rail. Here is when a second set of hand would have made thing easier. Tightening the V wheel bolts was a pain but some how I got it done.

Hope this helps someone.


@Jim1609Clark That’s good advice, Jim. I’ve moved your post to the Machine Help topic so that it is more visible to those in your situation.

Hey @Jim1609Clark,

Thanks for sharing! I’m in the midst of a guide on replacing the rails and/or linear guide blocks. Once it’s posted I’ll share the link here too.