Resin enthusiasts

Hello again, so I’m dabbling in the epoxy/resin fill within my CNC work…this is only my 2nd attempt.

My first was a user failure. My questions resolve around tung oil and wood stain.

The next step I want to proceed with is a light sanding of the wood. The epoxy is recessed so I think I’m ok there.

However how does tung oil affect the epoxy…and when I stain the wood, do I have concerns about staining the epoxy…?

@chapklc It has never occurred to me to put oil over epoxy and I can’t find any info about that on the woodworking forums that I am on. I suggest that you contact the manufacturer of the epoxy that you used. I would ask them about the stain, too. I would bet that much depends on the kind of stain that you are going to use. I know that some lacquer-based stains do not play well with epoxy resin - from bad experience. Water-based stains may well be a different issue. It would be a shame to ruin such a fine piece by mixing and matching finishes. You may well have been better of staining the wood before the carving and inlaying.

thanks for responding… just for clarification, the oil isn’t intended for the epoxy… Just for the wood, but you know how things go… i just didn’t want to compromise the epoxy same goes for the stain.
I have tried staining my word a head of time, and I get mixed results…mostly user error, and my hands.
Any thoughts on a polyurethane finish i’m sure it’s gonna get on the epoxy…?

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@chapklc I figured, Keri, that you only meant that stuff happens and you could get stain and/or oil on the epoxy resin. Figuring that, I still thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with the epoxy provider. If you are talking about water-borne poly, I would think that would be fine. But, remember, my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it. :grinning: Aside from contacting the provider of the epoxy, you could do a small test on a scrap. Make sure that the epoxy has fully cured, according to the specs, and is not just hard to the touch.

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Understood! Thanks for your help!