Restart after power interruption

Hi. I do not have a Longmill CNC yet, but plan to order in May/June. My suggestion is related to what gsender does after a power interruption. I’m not sure, but it appears this can be annoying (from my research on YouTube and websites)

Having experience in programming, I know that it would be easy to have gender update a log file (Open a file, write small log data, then close the file) when’s job starts, recording the job file being used and then every line of code that’s finished executing, recording the line number. If the power goes out, gender can resume where it left off (or a line before) after verifying with the user if they want this to happen. Other machine settings can be saved, too, to ensure the CNC machine carries on like nothing happened (eg. speed and location relative to home). This kind of update would be very quick and shouldn’t be noticeable to the normal running of the machine

I’ve seen other CNC machines do this and it’s amazing to not have to start over if the power interrupts

@PB42au Welcome to the group, Paul. Assuming that I understand your suggestion, gSender already does what you are asking it to do. There is a “start from line” function built in. It will not only tell you the number of the last line cut before the outage, but it will start from there or any other line you want it to.

Take a look on this page, about half way down under the heading “job loss recovery”.

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Thank you for your speedy reply. I was going off YouTube videos I’ve watched and am very glad this idea has been implemented. Looks like I need to watch more videos, lol

@PB42au You’re welcome, Paul. In addition to watching Sienci youtube videos, I recommend to every gSender user that they read the online documentation. It is very complete and is revised as gSender is improved. Watching youtube videos is an excellent way to learn, but watching out of date videos can mean that you may miss new features.

Since your suggestion has been implemented, I am closing this topic.