Rigging up solenoid to operate remote for dust collecter


I have a large 220v grizzly dust collector. It turns on with a physical button or by using the supplied remote. I want to use the cooling pin on the controller to operate solenoid to push the on/off button on the remote.

What’s the output voltage on the pins? When gcode is used to activate the cooling… is it a constant current or pulse? I’m new so I’m sure I’m not using the proper terms.

https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNFsOzs I was thing of using this.

Do you have any better ideas on automating this? Thanks

Onthelakecnc, iVac Pro Switch Wireless Dust Collection Controller System, item #42897. Might be easier than rigging up a relay. There might be other units but this one came up first in my google.
You might google Crydom, they make SSR s that can handle that type of load.
I would avoid looking for high voltage SSRs on Ebay, there are a lot of knock offs that will smoke fast.

Good luck


A relay power supply won’t work for me because the machine only turns on with a puch of the button on control box or remote

Is this helpful?

Not sure if this will help but it might if you have and NVR switch on the dust collector. I tried to see what type of switch Grizzly uses but did not have much luck. Let us know how it turns out what ever you do.

Here’s what I did, which I think will also work for you and also give you the opportunity to automatically start the router and vac at the beginning of a job, and then shut them off after job completion:

You need an IoT relay and a contactor (basically a big solenoid).

IoT relay: Buy the Digital Loggers IoT relay and connect as shown here: Automated / IOT Relay - LongMill MK2 CNC . They cost about $30 US. If you can’t find them on the internet contact the company directly, they have them but only ship Fedex which will cost you another $25.

The relay can’t handle more than 8amps of start up current, that is why you need the contactor. Get this contactor from Ivac: https://www.ivacswitch.com/ivac-contactor/. This will cost you about $75 US. This handles higher voltages and amperages. The support is excellent, if you have questions about how to wire it they can answer them.

Connect the wire from the CNC controller box to the IoT relay. Plug the router into one of the outlets. Plug the contactor into the other. Plug the vacuum into a 220 plug that is activated by the contactor. (make sure the vacuum is in the on position).

Insert “M8” into the start of your Gcode, that will activate the IoT relay, which will fire up the router and activate the contactor (you will hear a big click as the switch physically moves inside the contactor). Put an “M9” at the end. That will turn off the relay.

I also suggest getting a Wi-Fi based camera like a Wyze so you can keep an eye (and ear) on the job you are running.

Good luck!

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I’ve decided to go with the KISS principle. I ordered a arduino with ir detector and receiver diods. I will use it to capture the grizzlies ir remote codes and then it will blast the codes for on and off triggered by the relay for the router.

I will keep you posted, thanks

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