Right gantry doesn’t move as well as left gantry

Good morning!
While looking over my machine before moving on to part 4 of assembly, I noticed that the right gantry isn’t as smooth spinning as the left side and for that matter the x axis. It isn’t bound tight by any stretch, but isn’t as “smooth as butter” like the other side. Is this something I should troubleshoot before moving onto the assembly of the motors and electrical? Or is it something that will work itself out later on.

Thanks for the assistance, I am much appreciative!


I think, by watching Chris’ youtube video, that the ecsentric nut will need adjusting later on. I think that step is after all the wiring is done and you’ve made your initial movements. I’ll try to find you the video I watched that may help you with this.

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LongMill V-Wheel Tuning [Annotated Clip] - YouTube

Watch this and see if it helps out any Jake!

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Thank you sir! I appreciate your assistance!

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Let me know if you have any other issues. I got my X-axis to move properly, but my Y-axis is still not cooperating. Also I don’t seem to have any lights on my controller besides the red power light.

Thanks Edward! Working on the drag chains currently. Just started the step.

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I only have red one red light as well