"ring light" output voltage?

Hello all! I have a super longboard and a ring light for my router. The ring light is 8 led on a circuit board and only one color. It is 24 volts. My question is I cannot find a voltage output for the “ring light” on the super longboard as well as any info on whether or not I can use 2 wires with it as I will not be using an RGB strip.

Thanks in advance for any specs and insight!

@Benjaminjaquith I’ve moved your question to the SuperLongBoard category.

Thank you! Sorry about that

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@Benjaminjaquith No worries. I believe that it will get more attention here.

So it appears the output is 5v on the ring light. (I should have known being as it’s for “up to” 8 LEDs).

However, I ended up using one of the “pwr out” sockets after measuring my ring lights draw @ .170 amps (within the . 250amp limit) and use macros to turn it on and off. Brilliant setup guys, I am loving the flexibility on this new board! Really happy with it so far.


@Benjaminjaquith Good plan. I believe that you can set the macro to one of the buttons on the estop to make it easy to turn on and off.

Great stuff @Benjaminjaquith, I’m back from vacation now and should be able to be more responsive to answering questions but your solution is exactly what I would’ve suggested. Glad you’re enjoying the new board!

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  1. Firmware version: B5.03
  2. Sender: 1.4.7

From a previous statement from Chris

“On the other side, for the rail light you should be able to plug in a power supply anywhere from 5-24V and then the ‘rail’ output plug will route that power supply to the power strip, meanwhile the signal will still be 5V and coming from the SLB but should still be compatible even if the strip isn’t 5V”

I just plugged in a power supply of 15V and connected 60 led strip to the rail output. I set 665 to 60. When I fired everything up, the led stip fried very quickly. I checked the voltage at the rail output on the SLB and it was 15V, not 5.

Can someone confirm that this is normal or is my board defective?

The way the rail LED output works on the SLB is that the external power is fed to the power pin on that header. It is fed directly, it will be whatever voltage you connect to it. This is to allow you to use 5V, 12V or 24V programmable LEDs on the rail output. When Chris is referring to 5V in the quote I think he is referring to the signal voltage of the LED pulse waveform, which is always buffered 5V. Hope that makes sense. To use a 15V supply you’d need to use a 15V set of LEDs.

@drewnabobber Tks much. That certainly reflects my experience. I know nothing about pulse waveforms. :grinning: So, in my ignorance, I read Chris’ comment to say that the SLB was performing a voltage regulator function. I should have measured the rail output before frying $30 worth of LEDs. :upside_down_face: Lesson learned. I believe that I can live without LEDs on my CNC.

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I’ll try to update the docs to better communicate these aspects. Then y’all can let me know if the clarifications makes sense. Sit tight :pray:

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@chrismakesstuff Tks, Chris. I may be the only one that did not understand the current wording.

Speaking of rail leds, what does the value input into $665 do? Here’s why I ask. This morning, a buddy gave me a strip of 40 WS2812B leds. I bought a 5v 3A power supply. When I hook everything up and set 665 to 41, on startup, all the leds are white. When I press the e-stop, all are red. However, when I run a job, they flash green for a nanosecond, then go to just off white. When I click the gui stop, the SLB turns red, but the leds do not. They stay a reddish off white.

When I set 665 to 48, white is white and green is green. Estop is red. GUI stop is still not red.

I could keep playing with the value in 665, but I figure that I need a better understanding of what it is doing so that I don’t damage the SLB or fry some more leds.

Grant, at risk of stating the obvious, is the SLB set up for RGB strings? Or does it communicate with the string via a data line? Or does the factory strip just contain white LEDs?

@CrookedWoodTex It is setup to use led strips with individually addressable leds. The idea is that you can connect an led strip to the rail output and those leds will mimic the leds on the SLB. That way, I can see the status of the SLB leds without having to contort myself to see the SLB itself. The firmware has a setting that is to be set to the number of leds that are in the strip. I am simply trying to learn what that setting actually does in terms of output from the rail plug.

Ok. Got it. I use that style of LEDs, but there are at least two popular protocols to address them. Of course they aren’t compatible. Sienci will have to notify you which protocol is in use.

Hi all, updates to the docs are out now after I tried to digest everyones feedback and distill it down to be hopefully concise and understandable. Please anyone who previously ran into some roadblocks I’d really appreciate if you gave the LED section another read-over and let me know if there are still any other outstanding aspects that you don’t understand.

Happy Thursday y’all!

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