Router/laser hybrid Aztec calendar

This idea came from the JTech Laser website. I modified the laser toolpath, but other than that, it is their idea.

The calendar is approximately 11" in diameter. Material is 9mm baltic birch plywood.

The first toolpath was done with a 60° 15mm V bit from Sienci. Feed rate was 100 inches per minute, plunge rate of 60 inches per minute. Makita on its highest setting.

Then, the laser toolpath was done to burn inside the centre of the v-carve. I don’t have the Sienci laser, but mine is very similar. I used a Sienci G8 lens. Feed rate was 70 inches per minute. Power was set at 70%.

I cut it out using a 1/8" down cut end mill.

Total time for all toolpaths was ~2 1/2 hours.

I sprayed a quick coat of rattle can clear laquer on it to bring out the laser markings. It could use several more coats to give it a good finish, but as this is just an experiment, I don’t plan to do more with it.


Engraving machine and laser cutting machine in one machine?

@Rosexing Welcome to the group.

The machine is the Sienci Long Mill 30 x 30. I have the Makita router on it. I used the router to carve the plaque with a v-bit.

I also have a diode laser module to attach to the Long Mill. So, using the laser and a separate tool path generated in VCarvePro, I burned the laser part of the project.

This “hybrid” idea is well within the capabilities of the Long Mill.

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