Router speed knob loose Easy Fix No Mods

I noticed quite a few on the FB Group saying the dial for the speed control on their Makita Router is sloppy or loose. One thing I can think of is to Take the top off the router its 4 screws and see if the screw that holds the control control knob is tight. If its not see about tightening it down. Check if that helps. I hope it does. If not then some suggested putting tape over it to hold it where its needed to keep it at the speed you need it.


Just buy this clip you attach to your router and don’t waste your time. This is an ongoing issue and this was the best solution i could find.

takes less than 5 minutes to fix it why spend money and leave the tool broken? Are people really that Lazy now to fix a tool?

@GregsReinventions How is that a helpful reply? If you have a fix please share as this has been an issue for many people. Everyone of these Makita routers i have owned habe had this issue. I have replaced the speed dial and it works for a little while and then the problem returns.

What have you done to fix it?

Then reach out to Makita for a proper fix. Obviously you have had many of them with that problem yet not returned them for repair or contacted them? Or have you? You did not say. So if you have I would be interested in what they said. That being said you never replied you tried so how would I have known that? I have had that Makita in my Beta machine running for hundreds of hours and never had a problem with it. So obviously there is info missing in your reply.

This is their contact info if your interested.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am - 7:45pm (EST)

I have sent two routers back to Makita for repair. Then just send a new one back. Problems returned each time. I have also replace the speed selector dial once and it didn’t last long. The problem returns with detent not working on the speed dial. The guy on Esty made a little clip/bracket that corrects the issue without wasting time.

I bought my machine before I really understood how it all worked. I guess i use mine probablyna little harder than it should be, and i dont thhink the little hand held routers are cut out for heavy use. I would probably better off with a spindle setup, they weigh too much for this CNC setup.

You may be using to high of a travel speed or even too high bit speed for the material your cutting. There are a lot of reasons the machine would vibrate and the router would take the brunt of it. So check that stuff out first. Just because you can run the machine at 1000 mm a second through hardwood doesn’t mean you should. Im not saying you can btw. LOL

If you have a 3d printer you can print that clip for pennies. Thingiverse link.