Router switching

Is it possible to start and stop the Makita router thru a relay controlled by the longboard?

@Jimbaker Yes it is! I have the digital loggers IOT relay from here. You can connect it to the coolant control on the control box then turn the router on with M8 and off with M9. I modified the grbl mm post processor in V-Carve to automatically put M8 at the end of the “start” code and at the beginning of the “end” code.

It has 4 outputs. One is always on, two turn on with coolant on, and one turns off with coolant on. I run my vacuum and the router from from the two normally off and on with coolant. I use the always on for my raspberry pi that runs my camera. I haven’t found a use for the normally on, off with coolant on, one yet.

@Jimbaker Take a look here

I ordered it tonight…

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