Sailing Ship Crib Board

Sycamore - 250x316x24mm (~9.75x12.5x1) 1/4"BN - rough & 4.8’-3.175 TBN Finish. Vcarve Desktop. Sails not stained. Next one will have numbers, letters & lines lasered on instead of carved. Sycamore easy to machine but furs up making staining & finish a bit of a pain.


Hi Russ, Nice job, very intricate, what bits did you use, how long did the carve take? How Many tool paths did you use?

Thanks. I used a 1/4BN for roughing, 4.8’-0.5R-3.175mm Taper ball nose (TBN) for final, 1/8EM for peg holes, 60’VB for inner oval & lines, 5.2’-0.25-3.175 TBN for text & 1/4EM for outer profile cut. Est. time was 6 hours to do the front but it was a bit quicker as I played with the feeds while it was cutting. In all it was 7 tool paths not counting the backside peg holder . The ship, water & rocks came from Design & Makes Waterside collection. As mentioned the next one I will use laser to do lettering… Russ

@Rusty_golfer Nicely done, Russ! I’m interested to see how a lasered one looks.

Grant, Thanks. Waiting patiently for the Sienci laser to try out a combo 3d relief carve / laser & doing a full on laser version (not sure if I will need to add Vetrics laser software addon for the toolpaths). In the mean time playing around with a lighthouse schooner combo crib board layout using lessons learned on doing the sailing ship… Russ

Wow! Looks amazing. The finish really makes it pop!

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Thanks, stain was applied in/around ship via a fine artists brush. Took a while. :wink:

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