Schematic of Star Trek Voyager

I have been interested in using a drag bit on acrylic for a while and I have been motivated by watching some DE Hammer videos. The question I have is where can you find a clean Schematic of Star Trek Voyager or any schematics or technical drawings?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Not Voyager specifically, but close.
My go to searches are Etsy and Pinterest.

Had some time to see what I could find for Voyager stuff. I found a pretty nice PDF file and I used Libre Office to save the images as SVG files. There are 7 images in each ZIP file, they might need some cleaning up but at least they are SVG so they should play nice with your CAD software. (3.2 MB) (3.0 MB)

EDIT: Libre Office fooled me! When I brought one of the images into Vectric I realized that the images are a bitmap with a vector around it :laughing: So you will still have to trace bitmap or whatever your CAD calls it. At least the images are large so I was getting some good results.

Thank you guys. It’s appreciated.