Scienci Labs home page dragon file information

I would like to find the file for the dragon carving on Sieci Labs home page. Or any other files similar.
Thank you and season’s greetings.

@keigeman Welcome to the group, Ryan.

You have me going because I have never seen a dragon on either the Sienci website home page or the Sienci youtube page. If you post a link, likely someone will be able to help.

@keigeman THAT will teach me to watch opening screens. :grinning:

It’s moving too fast for me to get a good idea what it is. Here is one that I found on the site links that Sienci list on their site. If this is not the one, I suggest that you write to Sienci directly.

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Yeah, it’s a really intricate and cool looking carving.
I’d like to find files similar. I haven’t received my MK2 yet and am sure it will be a while before attempting anything like what’s shown. But when I do and it’s successful, that will be a great day.

@keigeman When I looked more closely at the file that I linked to, I don’t know if it would be possible as a CNC router project. Some stl files work, but many are only suited to 3D printing.

Not the file but I think there is a better video of it in the gallery. Looks like it was an Instagram post. I don’t do Instagram so I’m not sure if it was done by Siencilabs or just posted to them.
Have to click “load more” about four times. It is the 3rd pic on the 20th row

Gallery | Sienci Labs

edit: here is a link to the vid on Instagram: “Tapered bits are the perfect tool for doing high detailed reliefs. Our 1/4″ D1/16″ Tapered Ball End Mill balances a small radius ball for…”

Thank you for the information