Scouts BSA Arrow of Light

One of the main ‘excuses’ I had to buy the Longmill was to make Arrow of Light plaques for my cub scout den. It is that time of year and I used a combination of milling and laser work all done on the longmill.

The prototype was out of scrap wood (Oak and Poplar) I had around the shop

Wanted something with a bit more contract and a bit less busy grain, so tried mahogany and alder. The blanks looked like:

Laser and finish really make the wood contrast pop out


@JayDent Well done, Jay! I take it that these are awards given to individual scouts for merit??

Yep, when the scouts finish their 5th grade year they end with Cub Scouts and enter Scouts BSA. The award is basically a summary of everything they did while in Cub Scouts. The 5 rank badges on the left are Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear (those are in the diamond shaped area) and Webelo (the oval badge). So depending on what age the scout started they might have less of them. The M shaped logo is for our summer camp, that the scouts can go to starting in the summer between their 3rd and 4th grade years.

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Jay, I agree the Mahogany is a much better background than the Oak for your gifts. Thank you for your work with the Scouts. I fondly remember my days with the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts. Many lessons learned.

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