Screw connections on the green plugs on the control board

This is not so much “new wisdom” as it is old information frequently overlooked.

I was swapping out my test version of the SLB for the new one this morning. While doing so, I figured that it couldn’t hurt to check all the screw connections on the green plugs. I was surprised to find how many of them were loose. None of the wires had actually pulled out, but there was no way that the connections were as sound as they could/should be.

Now, some years ago, there was a thread on here about an issue with these connections loosening because of a problem caused by the tinning of the ends of the wires on early models. At that time, I cut off the tinned ends and never thought more of it. So, that is not the cause.

I have no idea what causes this, but it may be a good idea to include checking these from time to time in our routine maintenance routines.

Just a thought. :grinning:


You really should use ferrules to terminate the wires for those connectors.


@NeilFerreri I’m sure that I bought some at one point. I don’t remember why I didn’t use them. Laziness, I expect. Now that I see the possible price of that laziness, I will dig them up.