Second rotary project

I went through the steps to produce the first project with no problems. Started on the second project (skull) and ran into some difficulties. . I decided to try the rotary surfacing tool in G sender first. I zeroed the Y then switched to the Vortex. I used the Z axis probe to find the top of the collet and that worked fine . I set up the Rotary surfacing tool with the recommended settings for a 2 1/2-inch block. When attempting to run the G-code I get a Z axis soft limit alarm . Thinking this was a height issue, I cut off the corners of the block, reduced the start diameter to 72mm and tried again with the same result. Ant thoughts on what I am doing wrong? I hesitate to turn off the soft limits…

Please someone correct if I misspeak or have it wrong.
soft limit should be referring to $20 being enable. This setting uses $130, $131, and $132 for max travel and computing soft limit. $132 is for Z. Check $132 and ensure the correct setting is there. Soft limits are the opposite side of the limit switch. So this is the z not being able to go low enough.

Just for clarification “Z axis probe” is Probe Rotary Z-axis on rotary tab?

Was Z homed, so the machine knows where it is at? In location section does the smaller font numbers below Z get close to soft limit amount? (sorry don’t know the term for the display)