Second shot at comments on the beta sender

@chrismakesstuff I’ll put all these in the google form, Chris.

  1. Before getting to the “beefs”, I want note that this version is a large improvement over the previous alpha versions and say that the sender really is coming along well. I am still not at the point where I am using this in “production” owing to the jogging issue, but I am confident that I will be soon.

  2. My comments on the jogging using keyboard maps stand. I tried it again this morning and I cannot determine the sequence of events that cause the runaway. Sometimes, it behaves. Other times, it runs amok. It’s not the length of time that I hold down the keys. That much is certain.

  3. The Stop button is an improvement over the Alpha version. It should be labelled STOP, though and be a prominent (red) colour.

  4. After setting XYZ0, then jogging away from that position for any reason, when I hit “return to zero”, the first move is to move Z upwards. If, when I was jogging, I was at or near the upper limits of Z, the move upwards causes the Z gantry to hit the upper stop, throwing off the Z0 position. What is the purpose of raising the bit in Z when returning to zero?

  5. Any changes to the jog specs – distance, speed – are not saved. For example, if under “normal”, I change the distance to 100, and click to jog. It jogs 100mm, as it should. If, then, I click on “rapid”, then return to “normal”, my change to 100 is gone and the distance returns to the default.

  6. The probe module is very good and a big improvement over the alpha versions. However, I would still like to be able to set the bit size, not simply choose from a list. The issue is that many bits that I have are not exactly 1/8” or ¼” for example, or their metric equivalents. So, I tend to use a piece of drill rod that is precisely 6mm, then change out for the appropriate bit for my project. (This may be solved by the observation in my next point.)

Edit: I was able to add a tool to the tool database, and this resolved my issue with the probe. In short, "never mind"

  1. I cannot add a tool to the tool database. I assume that is coming. I also assume that, when I can, any tool that I add will be available to the probe module. If that is the case, the issue in my point 5 will be resolved.

I figured out how to add a tool to the database, so this point is resolved.

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Great notes Grant. I’m going to see when I can set aside some time to make a video showing a basic tour of gSender because some of your points can actually be answered in the settings menu (#5 and #7). The remaining points still stand so I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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@chrismakesstuff Since you commented, I went back into the sender and saw the error of my ways. My points 6 and 7 are resolved. ps. I still don’t have the google form, though. :grinning:

:thinking: says you got the welcome email to your inbox, the link to the form should be at the bottom of that email?

By the way for your note 5, the idea is the jog distance buttons are presets that you can set in the menu so whenever you click those buttons it’ll always give you the value that’s set in the menu

Nothing yet, Chris. Not an email nor a PM here.

Understood about the jogging. Tks.

edit I got the link that you posted to work. Tks.