See one in operation

Hi all I’m new here and looking to see if anyone in the living in BC’s Okanogan has a long mill that I could see in operation. I have zero experience with CNC machines and limited computer skills. Just want to make sure I don’t bite off more than I can chew.

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I’m in Kelowna. PM me and we can set something up.

And welcome to the forum!

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I’m too far away so can’t help you there. Just wanted to welcome you. Ask any questions here and someone will answer you fairly quickly. I totally understand your concerns about being a newbie. We have lots of them here. We love to show off our cnc’s too so glad someone is close to you.

@Benny_Bob Welcome, Eric. I would invite you to see mine, but Ottawa is a bit of a hike for you.

Just ordered mine. I am in Lumby

How is your machine? I have never used any CNC. I am a high school student. Do you think, this machine is good for me. I am planning to work on small projects and sell them in the community.


@Hamdan - Most likely you can accomplish learning how to use a cnc. Good that you can start at a young age. The LongMill is an excellent entry level and hobby machine. I would recommend you go out on youtube and view some of the excellent training videos available. One good source to search for is Mark Lindsey CNC or CNCNutz. Mark has a series for “The Absolute Beginner” that is very good. Both offer basic and advanced and above all free instruction. There are many others just as good but these 2 have lots of content. These videos should offer you some insight as to whether you would really be interested enough to pursue this kind of hobby. Good luck and look forward to seeing you on the forum.