Selling Brand new un-opened 30x30

Selling Brand new un-opened LONG MILL 30x30 MK1. I ordered right before COVID. I never opened it. The project that needed this was shelved due to COVID. Rather than collecting dust here, someone might get into good use of it. includes T tracks. $1100.00 Plus shipping out from Los Angeles.

Hey Darryl just updated your listing to be in the ‘selling’ category so that more people see you. Hope you’re able to get your machine sold!

Here is the full list of components of what I am selling PLUS the 30x30 unopened Longmill M1

T-Track Set - T-track with clamps

1/8" Precision Collet For Makita RT0701

Threaded Inserts - 100 pieces

Router Mount
Router Size:
65mm (Makita Router)

Makita 1.25HP Router

LongMill Magnetic Dust Shoe

Touch Plate

End Mill Starter Set


Hello, is this still available?

Sorry. It is not.

I am upgrading this machine to 36x48. This machine is not for sale anymore.

As this machine is no longer for sale, I am closing the thread.