Selling Longmill 30x30 with laser

Looking to upgrade to bigger and better. But need to know if anyone would be interested in this machine.

I bought it a year ago. So it’s like new. But I WILL replace all the wheels and bearings so it will be new.

It is going with the laser module as well.

So looking for around 2400. Router NOT INCLUDED.

Machine is in GTA.

If someone is interested please let me know and we can work on getting machine transferred.


@yurybod Hello! Best of luck with your sale. I am awaiting my MK2. Hopefully soon. My question is what are you upgrading to? Did you outgrow your long mill? Thank you in advance for any insight you may provide!


Hi Jake.

Yes I’m looking to upgrade space as I’ve outgrown the sienci.

Been a fantastic system. However I will say this.

The delrin wheels are the weak point of this system.

I found after months of constant use I was having to adjust the tension and backlash to remove any play and keep accuracy.

Mind you was running this machine constantly when I e had it.

Looking to upgrade to the one finity and linear bearings.

Sienci is a great machine and I’ve loved it. Just need bigger carving realstate and minimal accuracy loss.

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