Selling "Mark 1" Longmill 30x30 with all extras

Selling Brand new un-opened LONG MILL 30x30 MK1. I ordered right before COVID. I never opened it. The project that needed this was shelved due to COVID. Rather than collecting dust here, someone might get into good use of it. includes T tracks. $990.00 Plus shipping out from Los Angeles.

Here is the full list of components of what I am selling PLUS the 30x30 unopened Longmill M1

T-Track Set - T-track with clamps

1/8" Precision Collet For Makita RT0701

Threaded Inserts - 100 pieces

Router Mount
Router Size:
65mm (Makita Router)

Makita 1.25HP Router

LongMill Magnetic Dust Shoe

Touch Plate

End Mill Starter Set


Is it still available.

Is it still available and your location

Yes, It’s available.

I am located in Los Angeles CA.


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