Set Screw head snapped off Locking Hex Nut

One of the heads of the set screws on my ACME Locking Hex Nut sheared off. Does anyone have suggestions on I can extract what remains of the set screw? It is bellow the surface of the lock nut. I would like to preserve the lock nut.


Amazon has all kinds of screw extractor sets. My guess is places like NAPA auto parts or your local hardware store would also.

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@jgroppe Welcome back, John. Others here with similar issues have drilled out the bad screw, cut new threads and used a larger screw. I don’t know if this option is practical for you, but it’s an option. Another option is to find a left hand drill bit smaller than the diameter of the set screw. As it drills in, it will be trying to unscrew the set screw. These bits are not easy to find, but they are available. Finally, if all else fails, cut the nut with a dremel. I know that you would prefer to keep the nut, but they are not pricey to replace and they are available from Sienci.